There are many reasons to join MBLN. Besides being exposed to various trending topics in the healthcare field, our members also enjoy meeting and networking with other medical professionals in our area and forming meaningful connections. 

This is a specific list of reasons why practitioners need to join the MBLN. This is a must for all medical office managers, primary care physicians and specialists who own their own business.  We invite professional healthcare vendors as well, and as a member you get to enjoy member discounts on their services. The information and networking gained by this organization will benefit all medical practices trying to survive in today’s environment.

Here are some common topics of discussion at our meetings:

  • Improve practice revenues.

  • Increase operating practice efficiencies to modulate expenses in a downward direction.

  • A group based think tank to promote education in contract negotiations when signing provider/payer contracts.

  • Group development of a practice model consistent with future payment models.

  • Practice network to provide exceptional resources in primary, specialty, and ancillary care of our patients.

  • Integrated practice autonomy to help the private practitioner keep control of all aspects of their business.


This is the future of medicine and we look forward to help you navigate the way for Marion county providers. This is a team effort and the board members are at your disposal.

Call – 352-895-3256 or email our board at

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